German-Moroccan Excellence Centre for Agriculture – Phase I+II

The objective of the German-Moroccan Excellence Centre for Agriculture is to provide training to specialists and executive staff in the agricultural sector which allows them to use new technology and means of production in order to achieve a sustainable increase in yield and income. The excellence centre will be a good example for innovative and business-oriented private consulting and training services in the agricultural sector and it will be established sustainably and will also be financially and institutionally recognised.

The services provided include:

  • Development of a concept for the accreditation of the centre as a training institution.
  • Implementation of trainings and consulting services as well as demonstrations in the cereal, potato, forage crop and rape production and in dairy farming.
  • Development of curricula and individual modules for various topics (mechanization, potato production, milk production, farm economics, etc.)
  • Implementation and Evaluation of the training programme.
  • Development of training materials, technical brochures and manuals.
  • Organisation of yearly field days, press conferences, study tours and participation at agricultural events and fairs.
  • Internal and external communication (newsletter to association members, PR, advertisement).
  • Intensive networking of the excellence centre with organisations, associations and universities in the agricultural sector .
  • Increased cooperation with agricultural processing industries and financial institutions.
  • Support of business partners to identify appropriate traders.
  • Development of the centre as a platform for company-specific events of private partners.
  • Development of a sustainable support strategy and independent funding.