New AFC project on rural agricultural training in Togo


Structuration, Amélioration de la Formation Agricole Rurale et de l’Insertion, SAFARI

In September 2018, AFC organised the kick-off of a new project in Togo. Until May 2021, AFC will provide technical assistance to the implementation of the project “Structuring and improvement of rural agricultural training and integration” (Structuration, Amélioration de la Formation Agricole Rurale et de l’Insertion, SAFARI). The SAFARI project, financed by AFD (Agence Française de Développement), aims to contribute to the development of agricultural and rural vocational training courses and to the integration of young people through the structuring and the improvement of agricultural and rural training systems.

This technical assistance is provided by an international expert who works closely together with the Ministry of Agriculture (MAEH) and the coordinator of the SAFARI project. His main tasks will be:

  1. Technical assistance and support of the project monitoring and coordination unit in the technical and financial management of the project.


  2. Implementation of capacity-building activities for ministerial services, in particular in the field of project management, coordination and steering of the rural agricultural training and the insertion, establishment of a perennial mechanism for co-financing by the State of the rural agricultural training, and gradual adjustment of the classification criteria of the agricultural rural training centers.

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