AFC strengthens its activities in the agricultural sector in Togo


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On the 15 of July, AFC launched a new project, financed by GIZ with the overall objective of enhancing the competitiveness of the pineapple sector in Togo.

The number of AFC projects in Togo has increased continuously since 2017, starting from one in 2017, 2 in 2018 and now 3 long-term projects in 2019.
The project aims at:

  • Supporting and improving of capacities of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in producing, processing and marketing of pineapples on local, regional and international markets,
  • Strengthening the intermediary organisations in the Pineapple-WSK to improve and expand the services for MSME
  • Systematic implementation of measures to promote international competitiveness and to improve a business-friendly environment.

The project office is located in Lomé, but the project activities cover the whole national territory, in particular regions where pineapples are produced and processed (Maritime, Plateau and Central und Kara regions).

The project targets at medium-sized processing companies in the pineapple sector in Togo and seeks to and foster commercial partnerships with their pineapple suppliers (small-scale producers). The AFC team for this project is composed of an international long-term expert and two national experts. The project will last 16 months and is embedded in a bigger GIZ-programme, named the Programme for Rural Development and Agriculture in Togo (PRODRA).

For further details, please contact Stéphane De ().