AFC cooperation with universities


On the 11th of November 2019, within the framework of the lecture series "Understanding and Overcoming Poverty", AFC’s general director, Mr Buschmeier, gave a lecture at the University of Hamburg.

Mr. Buschmeier provided a lecture entitled “with profit against Hunger - The Role of Private Investment in Poverty Reduction” on the functioning of agricultural value chains. His presentation included several detailed examples of lessons learnt from projects implemented by AFC, illustrated with examples of project in Nigeria and India.

About 120 students and interested experts participated to this session and had the opportunity to discuss sound practical experiences of AFC in this sector. In addition, participants also showed interest in subjects like gender, agricultural finance sustainable agricultural production systems.  As the lecture was recorded, registered students at the University of Hamburg will have further access to the video material.

On the 10th of September 2019, Mr. Buschmeier had already followed another invitation by the University Duisburg -  Essen for a seminar on the “Ways out of extreme poverty, vulnerability and food insecurity”, where he gave a presentation on the “Integration of poor smallholder farms in value chains”.

Cooperating with Universities enables AFC to be updated about current research results, share its knowledge and practical expertise with project implementation in development cooperation with students, which in turn better prepares them for the labour market.