Promotion of vocational training at agricultural colleges in Ukraine (in short: FABU), 2nd phase

The agricultural education sector was transferred to the Ministry of Education and Science (MBS) of Ukraine in 2015 as part of the general reform process (previously, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, MAPE, was responsible for agricultural education). Responsible for the content of agricultural education is the agency Agroosvita, which has been under the Ministry of Education since 2015, and from September 2019 will be responsible for all vocational education as the "Scientific-Methodological Centre for Higher and Further Vocational Education (WMZ VFPO)".
FABU supports the objective of the Action Plan and the National Strategy of the Ukrainian Government to adapt the agricultural vocational training system to the requirements of the market and thus to a modern, efficient and environmentally sound agriculture.


Shared responsibility for the implementation of deliverables and for the achievement of the project objective,

  • Assuming overall responsibility for project implementation in the absence of the team leader,
  • Co-responsibility in the technical coordination and conception of the work areas,
  • Moderation of the constructive cooperation between the project partners the WMZ VFPO Partner colleges, partner businesses and political sponsors,
  • Identify, establish and maintain working relationships with key political, institutional and private sector stakeholders,
  • Support in the integration of political partners in decision-making processes and regular, comprehensible presentation of project processes, status of implementation and relevance to education policy,
  • Cooperation in the public presentation of the project approach,
  • Support in the selection of short-term experts and monitoring of their deployment,
  • Regular reporting to local institutional project partners,
  • Organization and coordination of the local project administration

Minimum Necessary Requirements / Exclusion Criteria:

  • Completed University degree (Master or equivalent),
  • Five years of professional experience,
  • Very good knowledge of Ukrainian and/or Russian; very good knowledge of written and spoken German.
  • Other qualifications / experience to be considered positively as part of the assessment (an advantage):

Technical background

  • Academic degree in Agricultural Science, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Sociologist or equivalent qualification,
  • Experience in the field of in the field of agricultural vocational training,
  • Experience in the coordination and administrative management of international cooperation projects,
  • Knowledge of the agricultural education system system of Ukraine and ability to network with political and private opinion leaders,
  • Knowledge of German agricultural administration.

Regional expertise and language skills

  • Professional experience in the agricultural sector in Eastern Europe,
  • Good English knowledge in written and spoken.

Methodical competence

  • Integration of actors from different areas of work and responsibility and areas of responsibility,
  • Experience in the organization and implementation of
  • Continuing Education Events,
  • Ability to communicate and present complex issues,
  • Experience in managing complex projects in cooperation with political decision-makers
Start / Duration: 

From 01.12. 2021 –to 31.12.2024 with the option of a one-year extension until 31.12.2025

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