International agriculture expert CoSolve-19 initiative for Albanian MSMEs

The overarching goal of the CoSolve-19 initiative is to support MSMEs that are severely hit by the consequences of coronavirus crisis in Albania, first and foremost, to maintain employment or even increase it. In pursuing this initiative, ProSEED and SRD make a significant contribution to an effective crisis management of a bigger number of MSMEs in sectors of the Albanian economy that were severely hit by the coronavirus crisis.

Tasks of the expert

  • Coordination of the advisory package of the contractor with regards to the specifics of the needs of the businesses in agriculture;
  • Act as technical contact person for the experts appointed to advise MSMEs in the field of agriculture and assist them in carrying out the advisory services and guidance on access to finance;
  • Ensuring the coherence and complementarity of the services of the contractor with other services delivered by the facility;
  • Maintaining contact to relevant partners in the agriculture sector
  • Master or equivalent in business administration, economics, agriculture, agronomy, horticulture or in a task related field;
  • Very good business language skills in English (C1 European Reference Framework)
  • 7 years of experience working with agriculture companies or individual farmers, of which 3 years were dedicated to business consulting
  • 5 years of proven work experience in market chain development in agriculture sector and marketing of agricultural products or in the main business areas relevant for agriculture companies and individual farmers (e.g. sales and marketing, production, collection, processing, quality schemes, eco- and climate friendly farming etc.)

Please upload you most recent CV here