Banking Operations Expert for the Energy-Efficient (EE) Housing Programme of the State Bank of India (SBI) in India

Objectives of the Assignment

The Consultant shall support SBI in the introduction of the credit program for energy-efficient (EE) Housing – taking into account increased challenges in the housing market imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic – in the strengthening of the required capacities in SBI and with key stakeholders and in establishing the promotion of EE housing in India.

To facilitate the development of the energy efficient residential housing market, the Programme “Energy Efficient Housing” between KfW and State Bank of India was developed which aims at increasing the access to finance for investments in new energy efficient residential buildings. The Programme comprises a credit line which was signed between KfW and the State Bank of India (SBI), the largest commercial bank in India, to refinance builder/construction loans and sub-loans to homebuyers for the purchase of an apartment in an energy efficient building. The Programme also includes Accompanying Measures to support SBI during the preparation, implementation, and monitoring of the Programme.

Assignment of the Consultants

The following tasks, broken down into several work packages as defined below, should be achieved for the completion of the assignment:

Work Package 1: Design, Development and Delivery of Marketing measures, Capacity Development & Training Modules:

Marketing and Awareness related to the program, including workshops, awareness programs and coordination among all stakeholders (including BEE, builder associations, etc); Preparing marketing material, and providing updates on energy efficiency in the housing sector. (throughout the engagement period) to SBI staff.

Work Package 2: Project Management and Implementation:

Project Management and Implementation particularly selection of a method of evaluating technical eligibility (i.e. energy savings - including benchmark tool to be used) under the program, and verifying whether measures proposed/ applied are sufficient to meet the required energy savings; Checking project level eligibility under this Program during loan appraisal and verifying the same on completion of the residential building project (for loan as well as Investment Grant disbursement).

Work Package 3: Evaluation of Environmental and Social impact:

Environmental and Social requirements – classification of projects based on environmental and social risks involved and evaluating whether impact assessment is required and also supporting the ESMS consultant by providing Program-related inputs.

Work Package 4: Administrative support:

It includes the set- up of reporting system for the program and the Support in compiling and validating withdrawal requests towards KfW. It also comprises providing technical inputs for product/ policy development in SBI, preparing reference manual/checklists for procedures to be followed under the program as well as calculation of CO2 savings.

  • University degree (graduate diploma/ Masters) in Finance, Accounting, Banking, and other related disciplines.
  • At least 10 years of proven experience in Banking, Finance, and Credit Provision.
  • Practical experience in the country as a major part of the assignment will be done in India.
Start / Duration: 

Anticipated start date: August 2021