Valorisation of genetic resources / Nagoya protocol – Phase I+II

While the first phase focused on supporting the development of a legal and organisational framework for the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol, the second phase aims at enabling the first steps for the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol at national level.  

Three fields of intervention have been identified in order to achieve this objective:

  • Elaboration of a national strategy for the valorisation of genetic resources, referring to the Nagoya Protocol.
  • Support and elaboration of texts for the application of national law to implement the Nagoya Protocol.
  • Elaboration of pilot conventions, including the principal of access and benefit sharing of the Nagoya Protocol.

The Consortium will build on the results of the component “Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol” of the ACCN programme and will pursue the efforts through advisory processes, participative approaches and capacity building. We promote, among others:

  • the development of an appropriate legal framework;
  • the vision and principal pillars of a national strategy (as well as instruments for its operationalisation); and
  • mechanisms to assure sustainable valorisation of national genetic resources