Private Sector Development Programme: Component 2: Resource and Energy Efficiency in the Food Industry

The Private Sector Development Programme aims at the development and implementation of required services for enterprises, focussing on the efficiency of resources and energy as well as on a more systemic approach of the implementation and the spreading of innovations.

In this context, AFC provided technical assistance to improve the efficient use of resources in the food industry via the design and implementation of adapted and demand orientated business development services (BDS). Core local partners were the Food Technology Centre (FTC) of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry and the Chamber of Food Industries (CFI).

Services provided included:

  • Assist partner organisations in the elaboration and implementation of adapted and demand oriented BDS for improved resource efficiency of industrial processes (food processing) with emphasis on water, energy and chemicals, based on a production integrated approach
  • Assist partner organisations in elaboration and implementation of marketing plans and marketing activities for BDS
  • Assist partner organisations in the identification and promotion of financing mechanisms and models for investments in resource efficiency improvements
  • Support partner organisations in the design and implementation of information and awareness-raising campaigns about environmental protection and resource efficiency in the food processing industry
  • Set-up of a pool of local BDS experts, design of training programmes and implementation of training and coaching activities for local BDS experts
  • Elaboration of proposals for the improvement of framework requirements in support of resource efficiency in the food industry
  • Initiation and supervision of innovation networks in the sector of environmental technologies and in the food processing industry
  • Support the programme management in the creation of cooperation structures between enterprises, institutions, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and other partners in the development cooperation
  • Implement and sustain a system for impact monitoring