Asia (incl. CIS)

SME Market Demand Assessment

The study is expected to help First Micro Finance Bank (FMFB) in understanding financial needs of clients by segmenting them in various categories such as position in value chain (wholesalers, traders, retailers etc), industry type and business location. This exercise will help FMFB to better serve current borrowers, diversify products across client and sector segments, access new segments, market services more effectively and develop SME financing as a substantial part of the Bank's overall lending activity and loan portfolio.

Rural Finance in Kyrgyz Republic

The objective of the Programme is to improve access to financial services provided by private sustainable financial institutions to micro, small and mediumsized enterprises (MSME) as well as cooperatives mainly in rural areas and outside of Bishkek.

The overarching developmental goal is to contribute to the creation and stabilization of employment and income through deepening and broadening of the Kyrgyz rural financial sector.

Agribusiness in Tajikistan

The specific objective of the project is to enhance the development of Tajik agri-food value chains, thecompetitiveness of agri-food enterprises and the quality and marketing of their products. In order to achieve the specific objective, a value chain approach will be used. The core of the adopted strategy is to support thelocal and international investments for farm, processor, input and service supply levels.

Agriculture Development in Afghanistan

The objective of this transition project is to transfer organizational and individual functional capacity from externally funded programmes to the MAIL formal organizational structure. To accomplish this requires close coordination with a wide range of stakeholders, internal to MAIL’s technical and administrative structures (e.g., Human Resources, Finance) and other international donors supporting MAIL’s transition efforts.  The project will focus on supporting the transition process of integrating the five EU-funded programmes into MAIL’s institutional organization, specifically:


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