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Usbekistan_Horticulture Value Chain Promotion

The objective of the Project is to support improving financial access and strengthening horticulture value chain by supplying funds to horticulture crop growers and agro-related companies (End-users) through the accredited Participated financing institutions (PFIs), and providing assistance for improving the implementing capacity of the PIU, PFIs and farm-management skills and horticulture value chain techniques of End-users, thereby contributing to the development of the agriculture sector together with employment promotion through strengthening export capacity of horticulture crops.

Usbekistan_Conducting of Trainings for Uzbek Cotton Farmers and selected key stakeholders in the implementation of the BCI standard system in Uzbek cotton production

The GIZ programme “Sustainability and Value Added in the Cotton Economy” is a new project in Uzbekistan within the portfolio of the development cooperation between Uzbekistan and Germany. The project itself is a country package within the global programme promoting sustainability and value addition in cotton supply chains.

Tasks within the scope of the project: 

Tajikistan_Feasibility Study for Establishment of Fruit Cluster in Sugdh Province of Tajikistan

The main objective of the proposed Technical Assistance (TA) Grant is to increase both domestic and international competitiveness of selected high value fruit commodities with a focus on agro processing and value chain development. The TA has been jointly developed by IDB and ICD to cover both the public and private sector engagement in establishing the fruit cluster in the province.


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