Trainings for Uzbek Cotton Farmers and selected key stakeholders in the implementation of the BCI Standard System in Uzbek cotton production


Uzbekistan is the sixth-largest cotton producer in the world; cotton is of key importance for national economic and social development. The Government has taken major steps towards substantial reform. In support of these reforms, the programme focuses on the promotion of sustainable cotton production and on fostering entrepreneurship amongst the downstream segments of the textile ‘pipeline’ beyond ginning, to develop and strengthen domestic capacities for processing sustainable cotton.

In this context, AFC is supporting the implementation of the BCI Standard System in Uzbek cotton production through training and coaching.

AFC is responsible for providing the following services:

  •  Coordinate and validate closely with GIZ, BCI, IFC, and local partners active in the Uzbek cotton sector
  • Develop and adapt BCI training curriculum, training modules, and training material
  • Prepare a detailed training implementation plan
  • Deliver training to relevant stakeholders in the Uzbek Cotton Clusters. Training modules focus on IPM, water management, soil management, biodiversity protection, fibre quality, decent work conditions, management issues. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, training courses are made available to participants through the e-learning platform Atingi ( and through a Telegram channel
  • Carry out end-of-season workshops, regional cluster assessments and regular training evaluation assessments
  • Provide ad hoc technical assistance and advisory services to local partners through on-site and remote consultations.