Technical assistance to support the implementation of the “Fruit Garden of Moldova” operation, and the beneficiary Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

The technical assistance (TA) is being commissioned to support the implementation of the loan operation “Fruit Garden of Moldova”. The overall objective of the TA is to support the modernisation and development of the Moldovan horticulture sector in accordance with the existing Moldova agriculture and rural development strategy 2014-2020. To this end, the TA programme aims:

  • to strengthen the capacities of EIB’s partner FIs
  • to ensure that EIB funds are allocated to creditworthy SMEs
  • to increase the business and technical capacity of the beneficiary SMEs to produce competitively

The following services are delivered:

Component 1: Support the upgrading of the country’s horticultural sector::

  • Development of training curricula and materials (apple, table grape, plum, and walnut value chains)
  • Delivery of business management and best agriculture practices training seminars to value chain stakeholders
  • Assessment and upgrade of existing market information systems
  • Organization of study tours covering a variety of topics (e.g., dual education system, market information system, agricultural finance)

Component 2: Support the implementation of projects funded by the EIB:

  • Information campaign about EIB funding possibilities across the country
  • Development of a help desk for potential candidate investees to help them identify their investment needs, develop business plans, and submit loan applications
  • Feasibility studies for large and complex operations (education and quality control)
  • Promote investment in education and quality control
  • Formation of consultation platform for the assessment of public sector projects funded under the “Fruit Garden of Moldova” loan
  • Training of qualified financial intermediaries; for instance:
    • Modules in the area of risk management in agriculture and financial analysis
    • Modules on product development for the target group
  • Training and coaching of PIU in order to ensure that all sub-projects meet EIB standards