Support to Colombia in the implementation of its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) / Component 2: Implementation of agricultural value chains with strong climate relevance in Colombia


The GIZ program supports Colombian partners in the definition, planning, coordination, implementation and monitoring of the corresponding pilot measures. The program focuses on specific value chains and regions (corn Cereté/ Córdoba and Dual Purpose Livestock (dairy and meat) in San Onofre/ Sucre). The value chain approach offers the opportunity to apply relevant measures for climate mitigation and/or adaptation not only at the production level, but also in the upstream and downstream stages, such as input production, transport and storage, as well as the processing stage.

General Objective of the Project:

The Ministry of Environment (MADS) efficiently and effectively coordinates, in cooperation with relevant public and private sector actors, climate mitigation and adaptation measures in order to implement its contributions to the NDCs

The specific objective of this contract is:

Relevant actors in the pilot regions and cities are successfully implementing climate mitigation and adaptation measures in selected agricultural value chains

Expected results:

  • Two local authorities and one sector ministry (e.g. mining) have improved the framework conditions (e.g. through regulations, action plans or adapted budget decisions) for the implementation of NDCs in the context of value chains
  • Public and/or private sector actors contribute to the implementation of at least two mitigation and two adaptation measures under the MADS-led coordination mechanism, the impacts of which are included in NDC reports
  • The measures implemented in the pilot regions result in a reduction of at least X tons of CO2 and a reduced vulnerability of at least X people involved in the value chains