Green Finance


Climate change plays a critical role in the world of development cooperation and thus in the implementation of our projects – directly or indirectly. Hence, investments in mitigation and adaptation measures are essential.

AFC provides technical assistance at different levels to encourage investments, especially among MSMEs and private households.

Our clients range from refinancing to primary lending institutions. We assist financial institutions in entering this emerging market through our services which include conducting feasibility studies; elaborating business plans; developing, implementing, and marketing innovative new products; training the bank staff; promoting awareness; and providing support to potential borrowers.

Since the establishment of GOPA’s Green Economy Unit (GECU) in 2012, AFC staff has been seconded to this interdisciplinary unit that aims to bring forward the GOPA Group’s strategy to address the impact of climate change by implementing a range of adaptation and mitigation projects. AFC’s sound knowledge related to agriculture and finance can be shared easily and efficiently within the GOPA Group, to be prepared for cross-sectoral projects, and assume a lead role in implementing climate-relevant projects.

An outstanding example of productive synergies is the “Green Climate Fund (GCF) Readiness Support Programme” which has been implemented by several GOPA units with essential technical input from AFC.

A competitive advantage of being a member of the GOPA Group is having a close working relationship with sister companies like GOPA INFRA or GOPA intec, with their outstanding expertise in infrastructure development and Energy Efficiency (EE) /Renewable Energy (RE) technologies.

We have been just recently commissioned by the World Bank to support Microfinance Institutions in offering affordable housing loans for home improvements (EE measures) or construction of new houses (including RE installations).

Another example of our expertise in green finance is a KfW-funded project to assist the Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) in establishing a Credit Line for Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection.

AFC has implemented further projects on Green Finance in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Cambodia, and Vietnam.