Marketing & Trade

Marketing strategy advice is a key part of our portfolio and includes customized solutions for agribusiness marketing, support for international trade fairs, study tours, sector studies, etc.

Selling products on highly saturatedmarkets such as the European market requires a consequent orientation towards consumers' wishes. In our marketing concept, the successful introduction of a product has to start with the conception of this product according to the consumers' ideas, followed by comprehensive optimisation of all upstream procedures, i.e. transport, storage, processing and production. It’s because of this integral understanding of marketing that AFC's services go far beyond the sphere of export markets, but cover all other aspects as well, from logistics right to the production level. In this respect, we support the provision of market infrastructure, including street and wholesale markets.

To enable emerging economies to participate in international economic agreements at various levels, we additionally provide services and transitional support in trade promotion and trade finance.

Our experience working with food industry companies worldwide, plus our links to the AFC Consulting Group, which provides advisory services to companies and institutions in the German agribusiness and food industry and DLG e.V. (Deutsche Landwirtschaft-Gesellschaft / German Agricultural Society) makes us able to offer a broad range of services in this area.