Policy Advice

Agriculture policy advice and reform projects are part of our major fields of work. These projects include the legal framework, the formulation and the dissemination of agricultural strategies and support private sector investments. We counsel on market interventions, EU accession and harmonization.

We are experienced in the different support concepts used by international donor organizations (e.g. sector approach, program-based approach, sector budget support) ensuring partner governments’ ownership of development policy, strategy and spending. Using these approaches, single comprehensive programmes and budget frameworks are created, and donor engagement is coordinated.

To support the establishment of a confident and active private sector, special interest groups are necessary to discuss economic requirements in the political contexts. We therefore actively support the creation of Public Private Dialogue (PPD) platforms, which aim at the constructive exchange between the parties providing technical information, as well as generating ideas on how to further develop and improve the countries’ performance.

One example of a sound PPD approach is a Consultative Council composed of representatives from public and private institutions, which serves as formal platform for the open dialogue. Different business entities via their representative association can place suggestions for development measures to enhance the country’s development.