Financial Institutions Development

A favourable business environment in the financial sector is an important factor for improved access to finance and client protection. Hence, it is crucial that actors at the macro level play their role in ensuring the implementation of a sophisticated regulatory framework as well as in promoting good business practices and client interaction.

AFC Agriculture and Finance Consultants offers advice and support to central banks, microfinance associations, bank training institutions, and apex institutions. Going beyond the theoretical improvement of regulation, our services include practical solutions such as on-site and off-site inspections. We also have extensive experience in establishing and strengthening self-sustainable microfinance associations that offer valuable services in policy advocacy, representation, and training.

We have developed financial literacy educational materials in printed as well as audio-visual formats. This financial literacy toolbox has strengthened the capacity of microfinance clients and young people to better manage their financial resources and take advantage of financial services. Furthermore, we address client protection and responsible finance as a cross-cutting issue for all our projects.

The Banking Supervisory Authority and the State Bank of Vietnam are among the institutions that have benefitted from our services in financial sector framework development. Based on our comprehensive capacity assessment, we developed a manual for on-site inspections and trained the personnel of the two institutions on its practical application. All 300 participants rated the 3-day course as good or very good and stated that all objectives were achieved.