V International Scientific and Practical Conference «Organic Agriculture: Education and Science»


The development of organic farming is of great importance for the agricultural sector in Ukraine. Organic farming not only ensures better protection of the environment, but also provides the population with safe and high-quality food and at the same time contributes to rural development.

The fifth international science conference, which took place in Kiev on November 4, 2020 as a hybrid-online-event, (organized by the Scientific and Methodological Center for Education and Higher Education NMZ together with the Organic Federation of Ukraine), focused on training issues and knowledge management in the field of organic farming and gave serveral international experts the opportunity to speak.

German training modules at universities were presented by Prof. Knut Schmidtke; they are good examples of how Ukrainian universities and colleges can also enhance organic farming subjects in their curricula. Konrad Hauptfleisch presented various knowledge portals and emphasized the important role of digital information for organic farming. Together with Oleksandr Kaliberda, long-term expert of the COA project, the participants then explored the Organic Knowledge Platform, an electronic library in Ukrainian language, that has been operational since August 2020. Other speakers presented current research results and shared practical experiences. Main topics of discussion at the conference were:

  • Challenges to the development of organic farming in Ukraine,
  • The role of educational institutions in training organic farming professionals.

The successful day was concluded with a specialist competition for which scientists were able to submit their work on topics relevant to organic farming in the run-up to the conference. These were assessed by a jury of experts and the best works were awarded a prize. The work will also be published on the Organic Knowledge Platform. This campaign aims to encourage young scientists to do more research in the field of organic farming.

The conference, which was attended by up to 137 experts, was supported by the German-Ukrainian Cooperation Organic Agriculture (COA), implemented by AFC and IAK.


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