Participants form 10 nations trained in ICT for Agriculture


From 03 – 12 December 2019, AFC conducted a training on behalf of GIZ at GIZ’s International Conference and Training Centre in Feldafing, close to Munich, on the topic of ICT in Agriculture.

The seminar on ICT provided local actors from 10 different countries with additional skills and knowledge regarding important agricultural innovations. Information and communication technologies play an important role in helping farmers make effective decisions, and are therefore effective information delivery tools when used in agriculture. What kind of seeds to grow? When and where? How and where to store the harvest, and at what price to sell the crops? – these decisions have previously been based on farmers’ past experiences. Due to irregular weather patterns caused by climate change, farmers face new difficulties in decision-making. With real-time data collected on various decision factors such as weather, soil quality or crop maturity, farmers can make timely and better decisions.

Furthermore, ICT can improve many aspects in rural areas providing people with better networking opportunities and give an access to outside expertise. ICT enables rural population to enter new markets and gain access to digital services like crop failure insurance, which makes their agricultural activities more secure and productive. Given the recent dynamic advances in ICT for agriculture and BMZ’s interest in the topic of digitalisation and development, GIZ organised this seminar to inform about and discuss the potential of the new technologies for value chain development.

The seminar was developed within the framework of the programme “Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector”, as part of the special initiative ONE WORLD – No Hunger, which is implemented in 15 partner countries to promote innovations that increase farmer incomes, boost employment, and improve local food supplies. Capacity development is a key element of the programme.

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