Organic agriculture in Serbia: Training for public advisors

Within the GTZ-funded project “Organic agriculture in Serbia”, the consortium AFC/FIBL successfully implemented training for public extensions close to Pancevo, Serbia on September 8/9, 2010. The workshop contained developing conceptional ideas for technical advice on organic farms and collecting questions for research activities as well as a close view on opportunities for Serbian organic production in the future. Focus of this training was on field crops, fertilization and crop rotation in organic agriculture. Amongst the participants were representatives from the national agriculture extension service, national association Serbia Organica, Institute Tamis, Institute for Science Application in Agriculture (Belgrad), Serbian universities, Farm of Atanackovic, Serbian media, GTZ and consortium AFC/FIBL. The following topics were covered by the speakers: Organic fertilizers: Principals and calculation of nutrients Crop rotation, green manure Organic methods in cereal production Methods for extensionists in converting from conventional to organic production Development of a Data Base for information exchange: structure, input   Please, click these links to follow the strong media attention which the event received: Coming up involvements of consortium AFC/FIBL in other events in Serbia: September 24, 2010 in Selenca (Organic carrot production) October 25, 2010 in Subotica (Organic weed control) October 26, 2010 in Zlatibor (Predator control in organic agriculture)