Feasibility assessments of investments into lucerne for farms in Moldova


When AFC started the technical assistance for the EIB “Fruit Garden of Moldova” credit operation, the promotion of sustainable horticulture has soon be identified as one important intervention area.

For the development of sustainable agriculture, the addition of organic matter to the soil is essential. Presently, the opposite is observed in Moldova: Through the constant removal of organic matter, the humus content in Moldovans arable fields has generally declined over the last 30 years. In horticulture, the humus content could be increased by green manuring and applying compost. The present study assesses the economics of making commercial use of Lucerne, either as green manure or compost. The study thus provides needed information to (organic) producers for the planning of their soil fertility management and to companies that are interested in offering additional services such as Lucerne - enriched compost material to their contract famers.