AFC launches „Fruit Garden of Moldova“


An AFC-led consortium was recently awarded a contract funded by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to support the operation “Fruit Garden of Moldova”.  This loan operation is financed from a EUR 120 million loan offered by the EIB under a finance contract signed with the Government of Moldova. The loan operation is a multi-window line of credit and addresses the structural weaknesses in the Moldovan horticulture sector by (i) supporting the modernisation process throughout the entire value chain; (ii) providing wider access to finance via intermediary banks, and by (iii) supporting local participants in accessing international trade. The target group of the operation is made up of micro, small and medium enterprises in the horticulture sector of Moldova.

AFC is being commissioned to support the implementation of this operation with the overall objective to support the modernisation and development of the Moldovan horticulture sector. Priority value chains are apple, plum, table grape and walnuts. The TA programme focusses on the following key topics:

  • to increase the business and technical capacity of the beneficiary SMEs to produce competitively
  • to identify key investment areas within the sector
  • to strengthen the capacities of Financial Institutions
  • to ensure that EIB funds are allocated to creditworthy SMEs

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