Legal specialist

Ferghana Valley Water Resources Management Project – Phase II is implemented in accordance with the Presidential Decree of September No. PP-3282 dated 16-09-2017. The objective is to ensure the sustainable development of irrigated agriculture and increase the efficiency of the use of water and land resources in three Sub projects in the Fergana Valley: the irrigation systems of Isfayram-Shakhimardan (54,375 ha) Podshaota-Chodak (29,507 ha) and Savay-Akburasoy (19,740 ha).

The project includes the following components: (i) Component A: Irrigation Systems Modernization; (ii) Component B: Support for Agricultural Intensification and Diversification and Improved Water Management; and (iii) Component C: Project Management.

The Consultant will provide consultancy services to Component B of FVWRMP-II, which will promote intensification and diversification of agriculture and improved water management. The Project will use a combination of training activities, information dissemination, technology demonstrations, interactions with other donor funded projects, and financial and technical support. Output indicators include the rate of adoption of improved agricultural technologies (gender disaggregated), the area under improved and sustainable management practices, improved irrigation efficiencies at farm level and in the tertiary irrigation system, increased rural advisory services, improved asset management processes and increased collection rate fees of the Irrigation Service Fee (ISF) by the Water Consumers Associations (Water Consumer Association) in the project area.

Subcomponent B-1: Agricultural intensification and diversification: the Consultant will support farmers in Sub project areas to increase the economic and financial returns of irrigation investments by: (i) using land and water more efficiently; (ii) improving land and labor productivity; and, (iii) ensuring environmental and social sustainability and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Subcomponent B-2: Improved Water Management: The Consultant will, in tandem with the farmer services provided under Subcomponent B-1, provide training and capacity building support to Water Consumer Associations (Water Consumer Association) and the public irrigation management organizations responsible for the provision of irrigation and drainage services to farmers in the Project area.



  • The Legal SMS will carry out a review of all legal and (draft) policy documents in order to anticipate future roles and responsibilities for the provision of irrigation (e.g., voluntary associations of users (effectively following the existing Water Consumer Association model), public-private partnerships or agricultural clusters).
  • Assist the team in raising farmers' awareness of the legislative aspects of their work, including:
    • agriculture and water resources management legislation in the Republic of Uzbekistan;
    • legislation on farm management and Water Consumer Association establishment;
    • legislation on lands and water consumption in farms and dekhkan farms;
    • regulatory and legal framework for Water Consumer Association establishment;
    • legislative and regulatory acts for solid legal framework and guarantees for farms development, economic and financial independence of landowners;environmental issues.
  • Provide legal assistance in the establishment and extension of rural consulting centers network
  • Provide legal guidance on taxation matters, fee collection enforcement and asset management may be required by Water Consumer Association.
  • Higher education
  • Minimum general and special experience of 15 and 10 years, respectively
  • International experience in projects funded by international finance organizations such as World Bank.
  • Working experience in Central Asia and CIS countries
  • Knowledge of English
  • More than 15 years of working experience
  • More than 3 years professional experience in the region

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