Index-Based Livestock Insurance Project

The Government of Mongolia has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Index-Based Livestock Insurance Project ("the Project"), and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services.

The consulting services ("the Services") include conducting an impact assessment of the Project pilot activities through its development and offering of index based livestock mortality insurance to herding households.

The impact assessment will seek to attribute and estimate the contribution of the Project toward the improvement in herder livelihood and risk management conditions and to compare the result with the desired outcomes. The target group of the impact evaluation is of those rural herder households who voluntarily purchase the index-based livestock insurance product at any level of coverage (sum insured).

The time period covered by the impact assessment will be, at minimum, one annual insurance cycle that covers two consecutive calendar years. The impact assessment will attempt to incorporate as much as possible the environmental, social, economic, and political context in which the Project is implemented as a means to suggest what mechanisms were critical to the achieving observed effects.

The impact assessment is to focus on the effects accruing to herder households. Analyzing the possible impact on other stakeholder groups (insurance companies, selling agents, banking entities) is outside the scope of this assignment. The evaluation is of impact of the insurance intervention. Evaluation for relevance, effectiveness, efficiency or sustainability is outside the scope of the assignment.



The field-based team leader is responsible for following the direction of the principle investigator in the day-to-day implementing the evaluation plan.

The team leader shall have the following qualifications:

1) Substantive professional or academic experience in planning, implementing, and analyzing data for quantitative impact assessment in the setting of development interventions;

2) Substantive experience and training in survey methods, including sample section, preparation of survey instruments, pre-testing, training and supervision of enumerators, the preparation of consistency checked raw data sets, and basic statistical methods;

3) An advanced degree in economics, development economics, agricultural economics or closely related discipline;

4) Substantial verbal and written English and Mongolian language skills;

5) Ability to develop survey data using SPSS program;

6) Ability to work in field (team members shall meet above mentioned qualifications).

Start / Duration: 

This assignment is divided into two phases: Baseline and Evaluation. In the baseline phase, the assessment survey shall start in October 25, 2013.

The interim report shall be developed and presented on or before December 25, 2013. In the evaluation phase, the evaluation survey shall start in July 5, 2014. The final report shall be developed and submitted to the PIU on or before October 5, 2014.

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