Technical Assistance for the realization of hydro-agricultural construction works and support to the implementation of accompanying measures within the Ksob irrigation perimeter

The project’s objective is the sustainable management of the perimeter’s soil and water resources. The project comprises three components:

  • Component 1: Infrastructure
  • Component 2: Supervision of work (i.e. lot 1)
  • Component 3: Accompanying measures and project management (i.e. lot 2)

While component 1 is implemented by local construction companies, component 2 (lot 1) and component 3 (lot 2) are part of the consultants' contract.

Lot 1 focusses on quality assurance and the supervision of all construction works within the perimeter: water supply network, filters, distribution network, boundary marks, irrigation plots, and the networks of drainage and of feeder roads.

Lot 2 referring to the implementation of accompanying works and project management, consists of two parts:

  1. Support to agricultural water user associations (WUA) during all planning and implementation phases for the purpose of capacity development.
  2. Logistical and technical support to the Provincial Agriculture Directorate with regard to WUA enhancement, irrigation economics, monitoring and evaluation, and the future water pricing system.