Strengthening the Microfinance Sector in the MENA Region I+II

The overall GIZ measure “Promotion of the microfinance sector in the MENA region” followed a multi-level approach in which two service packages are provided. As to the first, authorities in selected countries in charge of supervision of microfinance activities received advice and implementation support regarding the improvement of the regulatory and legal framework conditions. The second service package, which was implemented by AFC, supports the regional microfinance association Sanabel in organisational development and service improvement.

Service provided cover four main areas of intervention:

1. Alignment of Sanabel’s strategic direction

  • Develop a regional advocacy policy and organise events for its inception.
  • Provide guidance and feedback on membership strategy.
  • Provide guidance and feedback on training strategy.
  • Revise and complete strategic and business plan with a focus on financial and operational sustainability.

2. Improving Sanabel’s service provision and delivery

  • Support Sanabel in curricula development and recommend innovative training methods.
  • Advise Sanabel on building up research activities.
  • Assist Sanabel in developing new gender-based services.
  • Support Sanabel in continuing Social Performance Management (SPM) activities.
  • Assist Sanabel in promoting good practices in environmental protection.
  • Development and implementation of products and training on microinsurance.
  • Feasibility study on the development of distance learning (E-learning) approaches.

3. Strengthening Sanabel’s operations and governance

  • Map workflow within the network, optimize organisational structure and procedures.
  • Recommend changes on governance structure.
  • Revise HRM / HRD procedures and implement staff training.

4. Strengthening operations of national microfinance networks

  • Support of Egypt, Palestine, Iraq and Jordan national microfinance networks in strategic and business planning and preparation of strategic and business plans and budgets.