Strengthening the Jordan Microfinance Association Tanmeyah

The main aim of this project is to provide technical assistance and overall capacity development support to the Jordan Microfinance Network (Tanmeyah) and its member microfinance institutions (MFIs). The project is to support the implementation of Tanmeyah's EU-funded grant and the implementation of its commitments under the national microfinance action plan. It is to help Tanmeyah to develop new services for the MFIs and improve the existing ones, increase its capacity for market research and analysis, and to improve the role and position of Tanmeyah in promoting and representing the microfinance sector in Jordan.

Provision of the following mentioned main services:

Component 1: Internal capacity building to Tanmeyah

Component 2: External capacity building to Tanmeyah's members

Component 3: Research support

Component 4: Advocacy and communication support