Modernisation of irrigation farming in the perimeter of Gharb, Haouz and Souss

The  objective of the project is to support farmers and their partners (such as professional organisations, consulting services, private companies, etc.) to attain a sustainable agricultural production of territories reconverted to drip irrigation.

Services provided include:

  • Development and realisation of a demonstration test programme.
  • Implementation of trainings and visits of the trial field by farmers.
  • Development and implementation of a monitoring system regarding executed trials.
  • Support to farmers regarding the management and the mode of behaviour of drip irrigation.
  • Organisation of workshops and trainings in order to raise farmers’ awareness of sustainable management of groundwater resources.
  • Support to farmers regarding the acquisition of equipment for drip irrigation.
  • Support to the technical service of ORMVAH regarding the planning and the realisation of “projets d’agrégation”.
  • Development and proposition of an adaptive or applied research programme.