Improving Access to Remittances and other Financial Services through Digital Solutions

The project creates conditions for the use of digital services for cross-border remittances for refugees and Jordanian households with no or only restricted access to financial services. This will be achieved by creating a pilot project for the development and use of a needs-based, digital money transfer service at national level, by advising the Central Bank of Jordan on regulation and supervision, by facilitating dialogue and knowledge exchange and by improving financial literacy as well as through training in the use of digital financial.

The specific objectives of the assignment are:

  1. Development of a clear digital financial literacy road map specifying how to achieve the overall objective of increased knowledge and know-how about digital financial services amongst Syrian refugees in Jordan and unbanked low-income Jordanians.
  2. Implementation of the digital financial literacy road map:
  • Design and implementation of needs-based training measures for enhancing know-how on how to responsibly use digital financial services for the target group.
  • Design and implementation of a broad information campaign on digital money transfer services that reaches the target groups and inflicts behavioural change towards responsibly using digital financial services.