“Development of Food Clusters (Tomatoe, Date and Drinks)” within the Programme for Sustainable Innovations and Employment

This project focused on strengthening the coordination and communication between the different actors of the clusters in order to promote sustainable innovations within the SMEs and clusters and the upscaling of these technical innovations at the national and international level.

Through the development of clusters and effective management structures within the clusters, the micro, small and medium enterprises offer high quality products on the national and international markets.

AFC provided the following services in order to support the development  of Tomato, Drinks and Date Food Clusters:

General Activities:

  • Preparation of a concept (reproducible) for the promotion of food clusters;
  • Support the Ministry of Industry with regards to development its cluster policy;
  • Organize training and awareness raising sessions for producers and processors (including packaging) on the concept of clusters and cluster management;
  • Develop memos and information notes with regards to international food standards;
  • Support the formalization of the date and drink clusters.

Specific Activities:

  • Analyze the possibility of establishing a network between the food clusters and a transport/logistics cluster;
  • Draft the legal basis for the creation of a cluster (statutes, rules, protocol);
  • Develop a roadmap for establishing clusters and define the roles and responsibilities of each member of the task force;
  • Accompany the packaging units with the establishment of a quality assurance and food security system following HACCP principles in order to achieve certification and tractability status;
  • Accompany the date task force of producers, processors and retailers from the Biskra region in prepare a request for certification status;
  • Evaluate the possibility of developing additional value chains from dates such as production of glucose syrup.

Develop a Good Hygiene Practice Guide