Roster for Agricultural finance experts in Nigeria

The agricultural sector plays a key role in the economic development of many African countries. However, farms and agri-based enterprises in rural areas in Africa are not very market-oriented and often have no access to adequate financial services which results in the lack of investments in agricultural production, processing and marketing. Farms and agri-based enterprises therefor have a very limited potential to contribute to the development of the rural economies.
At the same time, the supply of financial services to the agricultural sector in rural areas is not sufficient. Financial institutions are lacking the knowledge to provide financial services that are tailored to the business models and needs of farms and agri-based enterprises.

In this context we are looking for an agriculture finance expert, based in Abuja, to support our team.

Key tasks of the experts:

  • Responsibility for providing technical advice and support to financial institutions in providing adapted financial services to the agricultural sector
  • Planning and coordination of activities
  • Planning and implementation of capacity building measures with actors from the financial and agricultural sector
  • Technical advice on the development of need-oriented financial services
  • Facilitating the cooperation with stakeholders
  • Provision of trainings and coaching to stakeholders of the financial sector and to a lesser extent to farms and agri-based enterprises
  • Contact person for partner organizations and other stakeholders
  • Provision of guidance to short-term experts
  • Contribution to M&E and reporting
  • University degree in finance, banking or agricultural economics
  • At least 7 years of professional experience in agricultural finance
  • Expertise and work experience with regard to financial sector development and agricultural finance
  • Sound understanding of the financial sector in Nigeria with hands-on work experience with financial institutions, especially microfinance banks, on agricultural finance
  • Experience in planning, organizing and facilitating training and capacity building measures for financial institutions
  • Experience in working with international development agencies as well as public and private stakeholders at different levels
  • Good understanding of the agricultural sector in Nigeria, preferably work experience in the project related value chains
  • Professional experience in Nigeria and/or countries in West Africa with similar socio-economic conditions
  • Proficient knowledge in English is required
  • Knowledge of dominant local language of the northern (Hausa) or southern project region (Yoruba)
  • Highly team-oriented
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